TECHNOLOGY FOR PRISTINE WATERWe understand the importance of pure water which is rich with all essential minerals required for human consumption.Based on our 15 Years of Research & Development We are happy to announce that we at SUNIR have developed a technology which will not only clean the water of harmful elements & dangerous chemicals but will also retain the essential minerals,therby providing Pristine Water10 Reason To Choose SUNIRCRYSTAL CLEAR WATER30% MORE ORGANIC REMOVAL AS COMPARED TO CONVENTIONAL METHODSFILTERS UPTO 4 MICRON PARTICLE SIZENO BIO FILM HENCE NO BACTERIALOW MAINTENANCELOWEST POWER CONSUMPTIONLOWEST OPERATIONAL COSTEASY INSTALLATIONBACKED BY A DEDICATED SERVICE TEAM COMPLIANT AS PER IS 10500: 2012SALIENT FEATURESNatural UV Rays For
SterlizationProteins and nucleic acid, which all microorganism contains as their main constituents, absorb UV radiation energy. After absorption, the UV energy destroys or inactivates the DNA (deoxyribonucleic …